VIDEO: He Dropped Out of College to be the Next American Idol

Isaac Rodriguez recently dropped out of college to become the next American Idol and didn't tell his mom. "I'm really happy because my son is going to school and coming here too," said his in-the-dark mom, Cecilia Rodriguez, just before Isaac stood up in front of the judges and sang, "Build Me Up Buttercup," by The Foundations.

The performance left the judges sort of speechless, until J.Lo said, "You have a nice smile." Eventually, Randy was honest with Isaac, telling him, "You burned the song down," and all the judges agreed. 

But Issac's best friend Daniel Gomez was also at the AI Los Angeles auditions. So maybe he had the talent to make it through? Not so much. In fact, after his audition (which we wont show you), Randy asked him to refrain from singing forever. “I hate to be the harsh one here, but you and your buddy Daniel…neither one of you should ever sing. Singing is not what you guys should be doing.” And USA Today gave Issac and Daniel the nicknames, "tone deaf and tone deafer." 

Luckily, there were some impressive Latinos in Los Angeles like the extremely talented brothers, Mark and Aaron Gutierrez, who sang a pitch-perfect duet of "Lean On Me" that's guaranteed to make the hair on your arms stand up. It was so flawless and they were so perfectly in tune, that they not only won unanimous praise from the judges, but judge Steven Tyler said, "it was godlike the way you guys sang." Could we be looking at our next American Idols? Check out both videos below! 

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