Video: Brawl Breaks Out at "Top Model" Audition in NYC

This weekend, America’s Next Top Model came to New York to hold an open call for the show’s next season. This was the first time in the show’s 12 seasons that the casting was open to ladies under 5-feet-7. Women slept outside the Park Central Hotel overnight, some even urinated in cups and changed their clothes on the street for their chance to be on the hit television show. But shortly after sunrise, others arrived and began lining up indiscriminately and things started to get tense.  Witnesses said that there was no organization on the part of the show to get the women in order.  When police arrived to set up barricades, some women were already getting pressed against the walls. Then, a fight broke out between two men and one threatened to bring back a gun, only adding to the mounting chaos. 

Later, a BMV pulled up with smoke pouring out of its hood and many of the women clamored to get out of the fumes, making a barricade fall. Then, a witness reported hearing a roar only to look back and see a “wave of people falling on top of us.”  Several women could be heard crying out in pain, saying that they couldn’t breathe. Six women were injured in the melee and two were taken to a nearby hospital. After the stampede, police arrested three people, including Vanessa Quiones, 20, for inciting a riot. The show’s network, The CW, has yet to release a statement. And what does the show’s host and executive producer, Tyra Banks, have to say? I guess we’ll have to tune into her other show to find out.