Exclusive: Victoria Moroles Talks ‘Teen Wolf’ & Her Grandpa’s Immigrant Story

Exclusive: Victoria Moroles Talks ‘Teen Wolf’ & Her Grandpa’s Immigrant Story
Marc Cartwright

Victoria Moroles is part of a pack. And she rolls deep on MTV’s Teen Wolf, which is now in its fifth season. She may roll with a bunch of supernatural beings on TV, but off the set life she’s all about her familia.

Here, the Texas-born actress gives us the scoop on her character, Hayden Romero, pinning on Pinterest, and the inspiring story of her grandfather.

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Let’s start with Teen Wolf. What’s in store for the rest of the season and what you can tell us?

Well, yeah so I came on with Teen Wolf the beginning of last year, almost been a year so far it’s just insane. And they were really welcoming and it’s such a fun show to work on. It’s really different for me coming from Disney (Liz & Maddie), a whole different world, and energy and I’ve been enjoying it. This season that’s airing right now there’s a lot of fun stuff happening. I think that Liam and Hayden’s relationship is definitely growing and within that there’s complications of them being on two different sides, two different packs and kind of deciding what they’re gonna do, with their relationship. We see it play out within the mix of the whole show. This beasts coming together everybody, it’s pretty interesting.

What is the last interesting book you read?

Can I tell you the one I am reading right now? I’m reading Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? It’s hilarious I love her so much. My sister gave it to me for Christmas and I literally read the first two pages and started dying laughing so I am almost done with it.

What else makes you laugh?

I watch a lot of New Girl. I like all the characters they have on that show. They’re really great individually. And I’m a Friends fan. I will re-watch an episode I’ve seen a 1,000 times and I still continue to find myself laughing by myself on my couch.

What was the last thing you found in between your couch?

I think it was my mom’s glasses because she’s always losing her glasses. She’s literally has 50 pairs of glasses and we were sitting in the couch reading something on the computer and she was like, “Honey, I can’t find my glasses.”

What are some of your favorite websites?

I’m a Pinterest addict. I like organization and that just makes my mind really happy because you can put certain things into little boards, you know style and food all that stuff. It’s really therapeutic for me. So Pinterest and honestly I am not on the computer that much. But I can’t look at the computer for too long I get a headache, my mom goes hours on a day and I can’t just do it.