The Ups & Downs of 'El Show de Cristina'

In light of Cristina Saralegui ending her long-running talk show, El Show de Cristina, we pay homage to the "Latina Oprah" with a slideshow featuring the best (and the worst) moments from her hit talk show over the years. Check it out and tell us: Are you sad to see Cristina go?

1. Cristina: Out of the Closet

2010: Earlier this year Cristina sat down with her younger brother, Ignacio Saralegui, to talk about the difficult time he had coming out as a gay man to their conservative Cuban parents. During the heartfelt interview, Cristina shared this message with her fans: “Tomen consciencia del apoyo que necesita una persona cuando sale del closet y manténgase unidos.” [Be aware of the support that a person needs when they come out of the closet and stay united.]

The interview demonstrated Cristina's true support for her brother during that difficult time, but it was also a great moment of journalism in which she used her visibility to encourage tolerance and acceptance.

2. Cristina: Shakira

2009: Last year, Shakira sat down with Cristina and opened up in a rare moment about her relationship with long-term boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua, 37. Cristina played back an early interview she did with the pop star 10 years ago in which Shakira spoke about her outlook on love and her thoughts on family and marriage. The clip makes Shakira tear up as she thinks about how lucky she is to have found everything she always wanted in her relationship with de la Rua. Getting candid with Cristina, the colombiana explained that she didn’t find marriage necessary, adding, “And I don’t need to get married to have kids.” Thank God Bill O'Reilly didn't catch that interview!

3. Cristina: Eva Peron

Touching, honest, smart and classy—those are the four best words to describe Cristina’s on-air tribute to Argentinean feminist Eva Perón. Acknowledging that Perón—the controversial former First Lady of Argentina—wasn’t perfect, Cristina eloquently explained why she admired her nonetheless.  

"In life nothing is black and white—everything is gray," Cristina begins. "I don’t believe that Evita was a saint," she continued. "She was a woman. And as women, we have bad days, good days, flaws and virtues...Evita, wherever you are, thank you."

4. Cristina: Niurka

You can always count on global hot mess Niurka Markos to create one of TV’s worst moments—and when she appeared on El show de Cristina, she did not disappoint. In an interview that’s sure to make you cringe, Markos talked to Cristina about watching triple X movies, getting "toys" from her friends, having sex in the kitchen, the garden, the backyard—all punctuated with an enthusiastic "¡Que rico!" One of Markos' tips? "A woman has to become a great housewife but also a great prostitute so that you’re man doesn’t get bored."

5. Cristina: Stripper Family

In& an episode that was more Jerry Springer than Oprah, Cristina interviewed a mother/daughter stripper team who came on the show to jiggle their behinds and defend their lifestyle. We could tell you more, but this needs to be seen to be believed:

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