UPDATE: Robert finishes third on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Back in June, when season seven of So You Think You Can Dance jumped off, there were five (that's right, cinco!) Latinos in the top 10. (As we reminded you then, some of the most talented contestants in the history of Fox's incredibly popular SYTYCD—like Jeanine Mason and Janette Manrara—have been Latinas!) This season, there was Ashley Galvan and Melinda Sullivan, Jose "Full Deck" Ruiz and Cristina Santana. And then there was Robert Roldan.

Last night, Robert was the last Latino standing among two other dancers (Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd) who found out their fate on the season's finale episode.

When we polled you on whether Robert, 19, a Mexican-American from Thousand Oaks, CA, stood a chance of winning, the results were split 50-50, so half of you thought he could do it!

But Robert came in third last night, while Lauren Froderman danced away with the victory.