Update: Nicole Richie in Talks to Appear on “Gossip Girl” Season Finale

We refuse to feel guilty over the pleasure we get from watching the CW’s trashy teen drama Gossip Girl. And yes, that was us squealing with delight when we read that our girl Nicole Richie could possibly nab a role on the show’s upcoming season finale.

The NY Daily News reports nothing is final yet, but Richie loves the show and is hoping for a “really bitchy, juicy role.” Like we said before, the show could use some more color, so we don’t want to come off as picky. But we think Richie should play herself. Who better than a real life tabloid queen bee to put Blair and Serena in their places?

UPDATE: Richie's rep tells Usmagazine.com there is no truth to reports that Richie is in talks to appear on Gossip Girl. We guess Hollywood just isn't ready to face the Upper East Side, even though that would have been one amazing catfight.