18 Unforgettable Telenovela Wedding Gowns

Novelas are a staple in the Latin community (Who hasn’t been forced to watch one with their abuela at one point in their life?). The storylines may always over the top, but in the end true love always prevails. So what better way to get inspiration for your future wedding than from these amazing dresses seen in some of your favorite Spanish soap operas...take a look:

1. Eva Luna (2010)

Eva Luna (2010)

At first, Eva Luna (Bianca Soto) and Daniel Villanueva (Guy Ecker) had a love-hate relationship, but it quickly evolved to pure love. It took two attempts for them to walk down the aisle but when they finally did Eva wore this beautiful dress by Cubano designer, Miguel Ángel Masjuan. The veil was 20 yards long and embroided with Swarvoski crystals.

2. La que no podía amar (2011)

La que no podía amar (2011)

After a tragic death, Ana (Ana Brenda Contreras) happily wed the love of her life, Rogelio (Jorge Salinas), in a tiered wedding dress.

3. Amores Verdaderos (2012)

Amores Verdaderos (2012)

When Nikki (Eiza González) married Roy (Eleazar Gómez), she wore this stunning dress with an illusion neckline. Unfortunately, during their wedding night, Roy caught Nikki making love to another man. 

4. Amor Real (2003)

Amor Real (2003)

Pushed by her mother after he pays off her family’s debts, Matilde (Adela Noriega) married Manuel (Fernando Colunga) in this Victorian-inspired dress.  

5. De que te quiero, te querio (2013)

De que te quiero, te querio (2013)

Natalia (Liva Brito) wore this body hugging dress with peek-a-boo lace paneling on the sides when saying si to Diego (Juan Diego Covarrubias) in the series finale. 

6. Rosalinda (1999)

Rosalinda (1999)

After regaining her memory, a heartbroken Rosalinda (Thalía) prepared to marry Agustín (Sergio Reynoso). Realizing how unhappy she was, he let her go to marry the love of her life and father to her child, Fernando José (Fernando Carrillo). Off the set, Thalía had a hand in designing the wedding dress because she wanted an original neckline. 

7. La Usurpadora (1998)

La Usurpadora (1998)

The death of her evil twin sister allowed Paulina (Gabriela Spanic) to marry Carlos (Fernando Colunga) in this simple but romantic dress. 

8. Corazón Salvaje (2009)

Corazón Salvaje (2009)

Regina (Aracely Arámbula) married Juan Román (Osvaldo Ríos) resembling a Queen in a tiered poofy wedding dress. Afterwards, the two set off into the sunset on his boat to begin their lives together. Perfecto

9. Soy Tu Dueña (2009)

Soy Tu Dueña (2009)

After being left at the alter once, Valentina (Lucero) becomes known as ‘La Vibora,’ for her cold and bitter attitude. Thankfully, José Miguel (Fernando Colunga) warms her corazón. She wore this slightly off the shoulder dress with bell sleeves and red trimming to their wedding. 

10. Teresa (2010)

Teresa (2010)

This beaded halter top dress was perfect for Teresa (Angelique Boyer) who used her beauty and brains to make Arturo (Sebastian Rulli) fall in love with her. 

11. Fuego el la sangre (2008)

Fuego el la sangre (2008)

Seeking revenge for the mysterious death of his sister, Juan (Eduardo Yánez) was trying to ruin Sofia’s (Adela Noriega) life but instead he fell in love with her. A triple wedding lead the two lovers down the aisle and Sofía in this beautiful white dress with long sleeves, a tasteful v-neck and intricate beading.

12. La Fea Más Bella (2010)

La Fea Más Bella (2010)

You can’t help but swoon over the dress Letty (Angelica Vale) wore in her wedding to Fernando (Jaime Camil) after her transformation from fea to beautiful. 

13. Cuidado Con El Ángel (2008)

Cuidado Con El Ángel (2008)

Falling in love proved easy for Juan Miguel (William Levy) and Marichuy (Maite Perroni). Getting to the altar was the hard part. It took two attempts but they finally made it with Marichuy wearing this romantic strapless tiered bell dress. 

14. Tormenta en el Paraíso (2007)

Tormenta en el Paraíso (2007)

Karina (Ingrid Martz) looked like a Goddess when she married David (José Luis Reséndez). 

15. El Privilegio de Amar (1998)

El Privilegio de Amar (1998)

Cristina’s (Adela Noriega) modeling career led her back to the love of her life and father to her child, Víctor Manuel (Rene Strickler). During their much anticipated wedding she wore this elegant lace dress. 

16. Rubí (2004)

Rubí (2004)

Rubí (Barbara Mori) forewent tradition and married Hector (Sebastian Rulli) in Cancun in a white cropped top and skirt.

17. Muñeca Brava (1998)

Muñeca Brava (1998)

A love-hate relationship turned to one filled with pasión, leading Milagros (Natalia Oreiro), in a high-low, sweetheart neckline tulle dress, to walk down the aisle and finally marry Ivo (Facundo Arana). 

18. Mi Pecado (2009)

Mi Pecado (2009)

Their family and friends did everything to keep Lucrecia (Maite Perroni) and Julián (Eugenio Siller) apart but in the end they ended up together. They married in a heart shaped by apples and Lucrecia wore this beautiful gown with a flower bodice.