"Ugly Betty" Predictions

We knew the writers of Ugly Betty were in trouble last season when they had Betty choosing between going to Rome with the Sandwich King or Tuscon with the Boring Accountant, so we decided to lend a helping hand. Here's what we think each of our favorite characters should be doing this season...

Hilda Suarez
Where We Left Her: About to become a homewrecker by starting an affair with the married Coach Diaz
Where She Should Go: drop Coach Diaz, hop a flight to Wisteria Lane and give Gabrielle Solis a much-needed makeover.

Daniel Meade
Where We Left Him: Unemployed, and father to a nine-year-old French boy. But still, with great hair.
Where He Should Go: A place where pouting and being generally useless is appreciated. Maybe, Washington?

Justin Suarez

Where We Left Him: Finally coming into his own fierceness.
Where He Should Go: Ditch his passé public school, enroll in St. Judes, and take his rightful spot on the steps of the Met with Blair Waldorf and the other members of the much more fashionable Gossip Girl cast.

Wilhelmina Slater

Where We Left Her: Walking over a heap of Meade bodies in her Manolo boots, towards her throne as the editor-in-chief of Mode.
Where She Should Go: Absolutely nowhere. Besides Betty, she's the only reason we still watch this show.

Betty Suarez

Where We Left Her: Getting on a jet plane...to God knows where.
Where She Should Go: Right back to where she started—Mode. As Willie's new assistant, maybe she'll learn a thing or two about how to really get ahead in life (and no, a good attitude does not cut it), and then she can apply her newfound skills—and more flexible morals—to crushing Willie and taking over Mode for herself. If that doesn't work, we really think homegirl's got a career in telenovelas.