"Ugly Betty" Gets Thrown a Possible Lifeline

Now that ABC has confirmed they won’t renew Rebecca Romijn’s show Eastwick, E! is reporting that this could be great news for the folks over at Ugly Betty. Sources tell E! reporter Kristin Dos Santos, ABC higher-ups are considering moving Ugly Betty to Wednesdays at 10 in January as part of a flashy relaunch of the show in an effort to save it. If that actually happens, Betty would join hits Modern Family and Cougar Town, giving ABC a solid block of comedy on Wednesday nights.

There’s also a chance ABC will put Lost back on its old night. "Honest to god, they haven't given us a date yet," Lost's Damon Lindelof recently told USA Today. "I don't even know what night it's going to be on. We've been on Wednesday at 9 for a while, but now ABC's comedies are actually working. And I actually like Modern Family and Cougar Town, so I'm not sure that they'll move them."

More insiders tell E! that Betty is in the midst of a creative resurgence, citing an upcoming episode loosely based on Run, Lola, Run in which Betty must race across town to deliver a diamond-encrusted bra. ABC execs apparently loved the episode so much that they asked produces to move up the airdate. That has to be a good sign, right?