"Ugly" Betty Gets a Makeover!

Move over Ugly Betty and make room for Betty Suarez! Looks like the ABC television honchos weren't kidding when they told fans that America Ferrera's titular character was going to be debuting a new look this season.

The shift makes sense with the show's plot line as Betty has just been promoted to a job as Features Editor at Mode magazine. No longer a lowly assistant, she has to step up her style game in order to accurately reflect her new found status on the staff.

But don't worry, she's not so stylish that she's no longer accessible. In a move that is sure to further enrage orthodontists across the world, it seems that Suarez will still be rocking her trademark braces. Betty is even keeping her glasses and ankle socks; she's just rocking her ensembles with a bit more polish these days. 

Tell us: What do you think about Betty's makeover?