EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Posey Talks New Season Of Teen Wolf, His Upcoming Wedding, and More!


We’re dying to see Scott as the True Alpha. Are we going to be seeing more of that in this season?

Yeah, yeah! Oh my god, yeah. Scott’s learning how to deal with it. He’s been a werewolf for three years, now. It’s something that he’s never dealt with before. He has to learn how to deal with it. Not how to accept it, but to figure out how to control it. How to not kill people. You’re going to see some of that in the first couple of episodes. He figures out how to control the shifts -- and becoming alpha is one of the coolest things ever! A lot of this season, though, is dealing with Stiles, so hopefully we’ll get to see more of the Alpha stuff in season four.

Great! Stiles and Scott are one of our favorite pairs on TV. Does that bromance extend off screen?

Wait...Did you say romance or bromance?


[Laughs] Oh I thought you said romance. I was like: “Are you watching the right Teen Wolf?”

By far, Dylan and I are the best friends. We always will be. He’s a great guy. I learn a lot from him, and he learns a lot from me. It’s a healthy bromance. We have a lot of fun with each other, and we have a lot in common. We carry the tone. We set the vibe! 

Tyler discusses his wedding date on page 4 >>>

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