'Two & A Half Men' Killing Off Charlie Sheen

Two & A Half Men is going all Wile Coyote on Charlie Sheen

According to mulitiple reports, the hit CBS sitcom plans to write off Sheen's character, Charlie Harper in order to prevent Sheen from ever returning to the series, and they're thinking of doing it by having Charlie drive off a cliff!

Sheen's replacement, Ashton Kutcher won't begin filming the new season until August, but the show plans to introduce the character by having Ashton's character buy Charlie's home. 

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While Sheen is clearly #losing on Two & Half Men, RadarOnline is reporting that the highest paid actor on television might have something to smile about. The website reports that Sheen has inked a deal for a new sitcom with Lionsgate Television (the production company behind Mad Men), that stands to make the actor his highest salary ever!

"Charlie has inked a deal with Lionsgate Television to create and star in a new sitcom,” an insider tells RadarOnline. “Charlie's character will be very similar to the one he played on Two And a Half Men, however the show will be a lot racier."

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Reportedly there's already a bidding war underway for Charlie. 

"Networks and cable are bidding on the show right now, with TBS being the front runner. TBS recently expanded their comedy division with the acquisition of The Conan O'Brien Show after his fall out with NBC. Plus cable makes more sense because it offers more creative freedom," the source explains. "In other words the show can be raunchier and more outrageous, which is perfect for Charlie!

File this under #winning!