7 Telenovelas We Want To See on American Television!

When it comes to dramatic, compelling television, no one does it better than Latinos. Telenovelas have been a staple of Latin culture for decades, and fortunately, many of the most beloved novelas have begun to make their way to American television.

Ugly Betty, based on Yo Soy Betty, La Fea, accumulated a fanatic base of viewers during its four season run on the air. Jane The Virgin, based on the Venezuelan soap-opera Juana La Virgen, hits the CW in fall 2014. Plus, major networks have already announced their plans to bring narco-novelas La Reina del Sur and El Señor de Los Cielos to American audiences.

We can't wait to see more telenovelas remade for English-language audiences, and we'd love to see these 7 brought to American TV: 

1. La Tempestad

When a young woman (played by former Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete) moves to a sleepy, fishing village, drama and ensues — especially when she meets the mysterious, sexy captain of a fishing boat, played by William Levy. Considering, Levy's recent crossover success, we wouldn't hate it if the handsome Cubano reprised the role in the American version. 

2. La Usurpadora

La Usurpadora boasts everything you need for good television: extramarital affairs, unrequited love, amnesia, duplicitous wives, and of course, an evil twin.

3. Amigas y Rivales

Amigas y Rivales follows four women from different social backgrounds — but don’t get this show confused with Girls or Sex and the City. This telenovela gave viewers four characters with a lot of grit: the spoiled, party girls; the studious, sensitive university student from a middle class background; and the maid from humble beginnings who dreams of Hollywood. The show can only be described in one word: intense! 

4. Rebelde

At first glance, Rebelde may seen like any other teen drama. You’ve got a couple of spoiled, privileged teenagers who attend a private boarding school. However, this show sets itself apart with one, minor change: these kids all star their own pop band. Better yet, the actors from the show actually comprised a real-life rock band, the wildly popular RBD. 

5. Café Con Amora de Mujer

In addition to boasting one of the best telenovela names of all time, Café Con Aroma De Mujer (Coffee, With The Scent of Woman) also gave us one of the most dramatic, bizarre, and entertaining plot lines of any novela. To summarize, a poor coffee harvester falls in love with a wealthy coffee businessman. Their passionate affair comes to an end, but, through a series of bizarre circumstances, the now-pregnant woman finds herself caught in a web of human trafficking and prostitution. 

6. ¿Dónde Está Elisa?

Given the success of shows like The Killing and Top of the Lake, it may come as a surprise that networks haven’t already jumped on the opportunity to reprise ¿Donde Esta Elisa? for an English-language audience. The novela follows the mysterious disappearance of a girl named Elisa. As the audience begins to learn the haunting secrets of her family and friends, it becomes clear that everyone is a suspect. Everyone has a secret to hide — but who kidnapped Elisa? 

7. El Clon

El Clon follows the love affair of a young man named Lucas and a young Muslim girl named Jade. Jade finds herself caught in a struggle between her modern values, her love for Lucas, and her Islamic upbringing. The drama doesn't end there, however. The star-crossed lovers separate, but a strange turn-of-events brings them together many, many years later. Then, Jade means El Clon (the clone) of Lucas — like him in every single way, only twenty years younger. Who will she choose?