The 20 Telenovela Hunks You DEFINITELY Should Know

Are you a fan of telenovelas? Well, even if you aren’t, we all know that people who cast these Spanish soap operas have an incredible taste for hotness. Here are 20 telenovelas hunks you should know. Enjoy!

1. telenovela hunks_Jencarlos Canela

Jencarlos Canela, 25

Dreamy is the first word that comes to mind when we stare into this Cuban heartthrob’s eyes! The actor is best known for his roles in the hit telenovelas Más Sabe el Diablo, Mi Corazón Insiste and the most recent Pasión Prohibida. We hate to break it to you, but Canela is taken. You are one lucky lady, Gaby Espino!

2. telenovela hunks_Roberto Manrique

Roberto Manrique, 34

His perfectly chiseled face and dimples give Mario Lopez a run for his money. The Ecuadorian telenovela star has been acting professionally since 2007 and recently starred in the series, Flor Salvaje.

3. telenovela hunks_Carlos Ferro

Carlos Ferro, 28

The Mexican actor has a guy next-door appeal that we love. He has already starred in almost ten telenovelas including, Dame Chocolate and Eva Luna. His future sure looks bright!

4. telenovela hunks_Erick Elias

Erick Elias, 32

He won us over with his long hair and perfect smile! The Mexican actor definitely is worthy of stalking on our television screens…  

5. telenovela hunks_Alfonso Herrera

Alfonso Herrera, 29

The former band RBD was lucky enough to have this cutie on their team. The Mexican singer and actor may not be single, but he can still be our pretend boyfriend.

6. telenovela hunks_Gonzalo Garcia Vicanco

Gonzalo Garcia Vicanco, 31

With his dreamy stare, this Mexican actor manages to mesmerize us. He recently played Lucho in the hit telenovela, La Patrona.

7. telenovela hunks_Roberto Mateos

Roberto Mateos, 50

The Mexican actor has been starring in telenovelas and romancing women since the 1990s. Now that is swag.

8. telenovela hunks_Jorge Luis Pila

Jorge Luis Pila, 40

William Levy isn't the only Cuban actor to bring the heat. This hunk has been known for his lead roles in dozens of roles including, La Patrona and Corazón Valiente.

9. telenovela hunks_Cristian Carabias

Cristian Carabias, 32

The Mexican actor has a body and a face women drool over. No wonder telenovela star Ximena Duque had a baby with him!

10. telenovela hunks_Cristian de la Campa

Cristian de la Campa, 31

The Mexican actor is sexy – and he knows it. He brings attitude and swag to all of his roles. Who doesn’t love that?

11. telenovela hunks_Fabian Rios

Fabian Rios, 32

The Colombian star started pursuing his passion for acting at a young age and has starred in over ten telenovelas so far. His next project is titled, Dama y Obrero. We like the sound of that!

12. telenovela hunks_Aaron Diaz

Aaron Diaz, 31

Kate Del Castillo’s ex definitely has it going on. The telenovela veteran oozes confidence, which is the sexiest trait a man can own.

13. telenovela hunks_Rafael Amaya

Rafael Amaya, 36

The Mexican actor isn’t afraid of his sexuality. He shot a full frontal nude scene in the movie, Desnudos (Naked). Yes, go check if it is on Netflix! We won't tell.

14. telenovela hunks_Sebastian Rulli

Sebastian Rulli, 37

No wonder Aracely Arambula quickly forgot about Luis Miguel when she married this Argentine actor. Can you say upgrade?

15. telenovela hunks_Jaime Camil

Jaime Camil, 39

The Mexican and Brazilian actor has got it going on. Camil speaks four languages Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. Can he romance us in at least one?

16. telenovela hunks_David Chocarro

David Chocarro, 33

The hunky actor was a professional baseball player in Argentina before taking the telenovela world by storm. Handsome and athletic? We will take it!

17. telenovela hunks_Eugenio Siller

Eugenio Siller, 32

The Mexican actor had a successful modeling career in Italy before starring in several hit telenovelas like, Mi Pecado, Aurora and Una Maid en Manhattan.

18. telenovela hunks_David Zepeda

David Zepeda, 38

Yes, abuelita would be proud if you brought home a Zepeda look-alike! Too bad he isn't on

19. telenovela hunks_Jose Guillermo Cortines

Jose Guillermo Cortines, 39

The Dominican actor studied graphic design and publicity at the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña before pursuing a career as a telenovela star. We love hunky and educated men!

20. telenovela hunks_Mark Tacher

Mark Tacher, 35

This cutie holds a degree in acting and performance studies. The dedication paid off since some of his credits include telenovelas like, Verano de amor, Alma de Hierro, Para Volver a Amar, and Mujeres Asesinas.