10 Telenovela Hunks Who Should Make the Leap to Hollywood

Jencarlos Canela is making the jump from telenovelas to primetime. The singer-actor is set to star in NBC’s Telenovela, and though we are confident he is going to do an amazing job, we know he’s not the only Latino telenovela star who can cross over.

Here are 10 galanes we wish would star in American TV shows:

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1. Eugenio Siller

Siller quickly went from being a recurring cast member on Rebelde to starring in Código Postal. The actor has been consistently working since 2006, and in Reina de Corazones, he was able to portray a complex character.

Plus, Siller is absolutely charming, as he showed Ellen DeGeneres.

2. Sebastián Rulli

Sebastián Rulli has already been on American TV with his Ugly Betty cameo. Though he was just on in the background, he would be a major draw on a primetime channel. The actor can play serious as he did in Lo Que La Vida Me Robó, or he can be funny, like his character in Los Derechos de la Mujer play.

Like Carlos Ponce on Cristela, he could play an amusing sitcom character. 

3. Aaron Diaz

Hunky Aaron Diaz may currently be starring in Tierra de Reyes, but he could easily make the switch into American TV. He could easily play a rugged character or someone seeking revenge. 

4. Julian Gil

You may know him as the despicable Patricio on Hasta El Fin Del Mundo. He can play a good guy, but he’s better when he’s bad. Audiences agreed because he was named the sexiest villain of 2014


5. Caio Blat

Caio Blat was almost a lawyer, but luckily for Brazilian telenovela watchers, he decided to drop out of school. Blat has played a variety of roles, and he is versatile enough that he can interpret many different kinds of characters. 

6. Joaquín Furriel

Argentine actor Joaquín Furriel has plenty of experience. One of his last shows, Señores Papis, has a comedic touch and follows him and other fathers raising children without the help of a woman. Furriel, who has worked in theater, movies and TV, is skilled enough to move from one medium to another, making him a good choice for primetime TV. 

7. Mauricio Henao

Colombian model-actor Mauricio Henao is bilingual and spent most of his career working in telenovelas. He can easily get into mainstream American TV, and at the very least, he can show off his salsa and merengue skills. 

8. Sebastián Zurita

9. Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco

Just like Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco can rock a curl. He’s one the current stars of Tierra de Reyes, and in his career, he has quickly proved his star power. 

10. Polo Morin

On Mi Corazón Es Tuyo, Polo Morin proved that he can do dorky as well as hunky. This show allowed him to embrace more adult themes, and a turn on American TV, would allow him to channel these edgier roles.