EXCLUSIVE: 'Teen Mom 3' Star Briana Dejesus Says "I Wish I Had Waited"

In your episode of 16 & Pregnant, we saw your sister had an abortion at the same time you were pregnant. How do you think things would have been if she had chosen to keep her baby?

Oh my gosh! That would have been exciting, yet very overwhelming because our house is so small right now especially with everything we have for Nova. Imagine that times two, that is a lot but I’m pretty sure we would have been all right. We would have had two babies to celebrate instead of just one.

How is your relationship with your sister now?

We are really, really close. Before 16 & Pregnant we were like “ugh, why are we sitting in the same couch together?” Now that I had a baby and she realizes it was really hard, she is glad with the decision she made and I am glad with the decision I made and we work together. We are really strong; we have a great bond and my mom too. We are all the three musketeers.

And your relationship with Nova’s dad, Devoin? How is that?

Geez. We don’t really talk; we don’t communicate. He is still very inconsistent when it comes to Nova, so it’s like if you aren’t going to step up to the plate, why even bother.

Do you want Nova at least to know, “Oh yeah this is your dad”?

I want her to know who he is, but I also want her to know you don’t need inconsistent, unreliable people in your life. It is my job to let her know she is going to be okay regardless.

And she has you, your mom and your sister. So what can we expect to see on Teen Mom 3?

Catastrophe maybe. You see him [Nova’s dad, Devoin] trying a lot more than on 16 & Pregnant, but not enough. And definitely not to the point where he is able to take her and leave. He’s still unreliable, and I feel like he was only around just to clean up his image from 16 & Pregnant, not to really be there because he wants to be there.

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