SYTYCD Star Ashley Galvan: "I Would Love to Work on 'Glee' as a Dancer!"

After suffering a major sidelining injury to her rib cage, Mexicana Ashley Galvan, 20, was sent packing last week on FOX’s hit show, So You Think You Can Dance. spoke to Ashley this morning about her experience on the show, why she’s praying to get better fast, and what hit show she'd love to make an appearance on.

Tell us about your experience on So You Think You Can Dance.
I really didn’t know what to expect going into this, but throughout Vegas, I developed friendships with some of the top 11 people, and they’re all such great people. Being a part of something this special—like having all-stars come back to dance with me—was so amazing, because I remember watching them when they were on the show and wanting to dance with them. It was a life changing experience.

Did you agree with what the judges said about you every week? 
Yeah, I did. Everything they said to me was so positive and something that I’ll never forget.

How many injuries did you suffer on the show?
During Vegas week, I did something to my shoulder during a Cha Cha, but that went away a couple of days later. Then, week three, I hurt my rib. At first, I just bruised the muscle around the ribs and even though it was painful, I could tolerate it. But then it progressed to where I couldn’t breathe and it really hurt. I couldn’t even be touched around my ribs because it would hurt me. I’m praying that I can make them strong again.

Do you think you would’ve made it all the way if you hadn't been injured?
I was hoping to go all the way. I really wanted to make it to the finale, but everything happens for a reason, and obviously, this was my time to leave.

Is it true that you want to star in your own Disney show?
Yeah! I’ve always been a fan of the Disney channel and I’m such a goofball. It was actually my dream job to have a sitcom on Disney.

What’s next for you? 

My next move is hopefully going on tour with everybody again and after the tour, just auditioning more, and trying to get more jobs. I would love to work on Glee as a dancer.