Steven Tyler Says J.Lo is "Street"

Say what? On the red carpet for the Kennedy Center Honors, new American Idol judge (and Aerosmith frontman) Steven Tyler was asked how it has been working with La Lopez. "First and foremost, she's a lady and she's not afraid to show that at any given time," Tyler told Us magazine.

"She's ridiculous. You know, she's exactly what I thought she'd be. She's street," concluded Tyler of the married mother of two. Hmm, we're not so sure if Jennifer would consider that a compliment.

Either way, one thing is certain: Steven Tyler and J.Lo are not the next Paula and Simon and they don't care who knows it! Although Tyler gushed about Lopez's honesty with the contestants, saying it's "incredible" he admits that he finds it difficult to be so forthright. 


"It's hard when you have a kid who's 15-years-old, who's been watching American Idol for the last 10 years," Tyler lamented of the contestants. "And some of them were awful."

"I'm really not one for giving insults," he said. "They have a voice and I don't want them not singing to their kids when they grow up."