Star Tracker: Demi Lovato, Ricky Martin and more

—There are conflicting reports about whether or not Demi Lovato and actor Ryan Philippe are an item.  According to, the former Disney star and actor had dated casually.  But a rep for the actor, who is twice Lovato’s age, insists that the story is false and that Phillipe is “totally single.” Phew!

Charlie Sheen has secured a role in a sitcom based on 2003 film Anger Management, reports The show still has no showrunner, advertisers, or network buyers, which, according to Variety, may be a sign that some aren’t ready to work with Sheen because of his crazy behavior.

—Rather than be terrified by fans breaking into his hotel room, Ricky Martin posed for photos and gave them signed autographs.  The Puerto-Rican singer shared his experience on Britain’s This Morning program.  “[I was] walking around my room naked and I hear this [noise].  I’m like, ‘someone is in this room.’  They were in the vents,” he said when asked about his craziest fan encounter.  “They found a way to get into the ventilation of the room!"