Sonia Sotomayor Stops by 'Sesame Street,' Cuteness Ensues

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor gave a shout out to Latina girl power when she visited the set of Sesame Street recently to talk about careers.

“A career is a job that you train for and prepare for and plan on doing for a long time,” explained the Puerto Rican Judge to Abby Cadabby. Even though Prince Harry remains on the market, the Sesame Street character must have still been a bit confused about what a career is when she expressed her interest in starting a career as a princess.

Don’t worry though, Sotomayor set the record straight about life as an adult without crushing the fairytale clarifying, “Pretending to be a princess is fun, but it is definitely not a career.”

The judge then informed Abby Cadabby of the many opportunities that offer females the chance to make a difference, “Well, you can go to school and train to be a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, and even a scientist.” Sotomayor then explained about her incredible career as a United States Supreme Court Justice in an effort to inspire young girls to dream outside of the clichéd make believe box when imagining their futures.

Sotomayor’s speech did the trick, because by the end of her visit Abby Cadabby had new aspirations of the Supreme Court Justice variety. Let’s hope other young girls out there understand the same message.