Sofia Vergara Loses Her Accent on SNL

Sofia Vergara appeared on Saturday Night Live on April 7 and now that the clips are making their way through the net, she's getting somewhat mixed reviews. She was busy that night appearing in several skits, including one where she reported from The Hunger Games. (We wish somebody had read our Hunger Games Latino recast beforehand so they could have realized how perfect she is for the role of Effie.)

For many, the favorite of the night was the segment "Bein' Quirky With Zooey Deschanel," in which Sofia Vergara played none other than Fran Drescher. Everyone in this sketch is hilarious, and we like Vergara in it because in making fun of Fran Drescher's over-the-top persona, she's also poking some fun at herself. What we couldn't help but notice, though, is that her accent is practically non-existent.

Granted, she spends a lot of time trying to perfect her Fran cackle, but there are a lot of lines, so it's not as if her accent doesn't have a chance to come out. And yet... where the heck did it go?! How did she lose her accent? Does her attempt at sounding like she's from Flushing, Queens cancel out her strong Colombian accent, giving her an almost accent-less sound? Take a listen for yourself and get some laughs in, while you're at it.