Sofia Vergara: "Jane Lynch is By Far the Best 'Glee' Cast Member"

Jane Lynch may very well be Sofia Vergara's biggest competition at this year's Golden Globe Awards, but in a new, hip-hop inspired Funny or Die video, "Nuthin' but a Glee Thang," Sofia is Sue Sylvester's biggest fan. 

Sporting a fire-engine red Adidas track suit, the gorgeous Colombian actress tells Glee star Heather Morris (AKA Brittany) that Jane is the cats pajamas. "Jane Lynch is by far the best Glee cast member," Sofia says matter-of-factly. "Por favor, comparing Jane to the rest of the cast is like comparing the Great Barrier Reef with a piece of dog sh* offense, Heather."

Moments later, Sofia is shown in a confessional telling the camera that Heather is secretly her favorite, but she didn't want to admit it and risk seeming loca. "I don't want her to think that I'm just a crazy fan that doesn't know the difference between TV and reality."

Naya Rivera also makes an amusing appearance in the video, getting the entire cast tattooed on her back.