Sofia Vergara to Ellen: "I Can't Get Rid of My Accent"

The always entertaining Sofia Vergara stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show today to promote her hit ABC show, Modern Family, but the topic of conversation quickly shifted to Sofia's strong Spanish accent. 

"How long have you been in America," Ellen asked Sofia with a laugh. "Um, like 16 years," Sofia replied. Then Ellen asked her if she thinks she can ever get rid of her accent. "No I can't," Sofia said. "I've tried. I'm too old already. My son who’s 19 goes from English to Spanish like it’s nothing and he’s so annoyed—he’s like, ‘you’re the only person in the world who after many years in a country gets worse and worse,” she addded.

Sofia said it’s not just other people who can’t understand her. “Sometimes I talk and I don’t understand what I've said,” she explained. “I look at the person’s face to see if they understood because I didn’t understand.”

Ellen thought it would be funny to see how other people reacted to Sofia's accent, so she asked her to take part in a hidden camera trick. With an earpiece on, Sofia went to a store near the set of the show, and like the good sport that she is, made a complete fool of herself. Among the crazy things Ellen asked her to do, Sofia had to gallop around the store, cry for no reason whatsoever, and yell "howdy" in a Texas accent. Check out the hilarious scene in the clip below.