Sofia Vergara on Being Latina in Hollywood: "They Have This Stereotype that Latin People Have to Look Like Salma Hayek"

It's no surprise that Sofia Vergara is one of Esquire magazine's "Women We Love" in their September issue. Inside, the Colombian actress does cutesy poses in the places where men apparently think women are their sexiest—you know, the kitchen, the bathroom, etc. (See video from Sofia's photo shoot below.)

Sofia doesn't have a problem with sexy, but she told Esquire that she did have a problem booking parts when she first arrived in Hollywood. Reason? Her naturally blonde hair made it difficult for people to believe she was a Latina! "If you see my family, you wouldn't believe it," the Emmy-nominated actress said. "Everyone looks like they're Polish. Blond with blue eyes. But I wasn't getting any jobs in L. A. They were confused. They have this stereotype that Latin people have to look like Salma Hayek. The minute I made my hair dark, then they believed that I am Latina."