So You Think You Can Dance Like Latinos? Guess Again!

Some of the most talented contestants in the history of Fox's incredibly popular So You Think You Can Dance—like Jeanine Mason and Janette Manrara—have been Latinas! So it doesn't surprise us that five (that’s right, cinco!) of this year’s top 10 contestants are Latin.

We’ve assembled them all here for your viewing pleasure, along with a few reasons why we think each has a shot at winning season 7 of SYTYCD, which airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST. Who will you be rooting for?

1. SYTYCD Cristina Santana

Cristina Santana, 24: This Mexicana from San Diego, California describes herself as "creative, fun, strong and determined."
Why we think she can win: Cristina is a salsa dancer, but she has a secret talent too: She can also belly dance! Cristina is a sexy and vivacious with great stage presence and tons of energy—just check out her audition video.
Achilles Heel: Last year, she auditioned and made it to Vegas week, but didn’t make it into the top 20 (perhaps a sign that the judges aren't exactly in love with her). And despite the fact that she received raves for her performance last week, Cristina somehow ended up in the bottom three.

2. SYTYCD Ashley Galvan

Ashley Galvan, 19: This part-Spanish, part-Mexican Visalia, California native describes herself as "helpful, outgoing, and humble."
Why we think she can win: She’s a pretty girl who is funny. She even does voices like Ana Faris in The House Bunny!
Achilles Heel: Even though she’s the class clown, her vibrant personality is practically nonexistent when she’s dancing.

3. SYTYCD Robert Roldan

Robert Roldan, 19: This Mexican-American from Thousand Oaks, California, says he’s “goofy, personable and loyal,” and we would add easy on the eyes to that list!
Why we think he can win: His high-energy African Jazz performance during week two was pretty fantastic. He showed true star quality.
Achilles Heel: So far, we can’t see any!

4. SYTYCD Melinda Sullivan

Melinda Sullivan, 22: This Colombiana from Thousand Oaks, California is this season’s only tap dancer. She describes herself as "creative, rhythmical, artistic and inspired."
Why we think she can win: She’s beautiful and has major star quality. Even the SYTYCD judges couldn’t deny her beauty: “You’ve got a lovely face,” Nigel Lythgoe gushed after her performance last week.
Achilles Heel: Melinda’s biggest problem is that she’s a sloppy dancer. When she performed her Jive last week, Judge Mia Michaels told her, “You come across pigeon-toed when you dance.”

5. SYTYCD Jose “Full Deck” Ruiz  

Jose “Full Deck” Ruiz, 23:  This Boricua from Miami, Florida—who describes himself as humble and explosive—already has a “Full Deck” of loyal fans rooting for him to win, and that never hurts.
Why we think he can win: Fans seem to really love his smile and confidence. The fact that he’s this season’s only break dancer (and that he can stand on his head for hours) doesn’t hurt—well, it might hurt his head. 
Achilles Heel: Jose is self-taught, a fact that may come back to bite him when the dance routines become increasingly more difficult.