NBC 'Siberia' Star Talks Scripted Reality & FedExing Latin Food

Joyce Giraud, a former pageant queen, talks about her NBC show, Siberia, her favorite Puerto Rican things and more.

Tell us about Siberia.

It’s a reality show within the scripted show. It’s a whole new genre that hasn’t really been explored much on television. It’s kind of like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. So it feels like reality, but it’s scripted. It’s a show about 15 contestants that go compete in Siberia, Russia for $500,000. They each have an individual agenda of why they need and want that money. So they’re willing to do whatever it takes. The problem is that once they get there, they are told by production that there are no rules and they’re basically on their own. Whoever is last standing is going to win. Then they realize that there are no producers on set and they’re on their own.

You’re a native boricua. What is the strangest thing you saw in Puerto Rico as opposed to the strangest thing you saw in L.A?

Well, I never thought anything was strange in Puerto Rico other than the big mosquitos, because I was born there nothing was really foreign to me. I think what I saw strange coming to L.A. was that a lot of people are a little bit two-faced. In Puerto Rico, you don’t get that. In Puerto Rico it’s, “What you see is what you get. If you don’t like it, cool, but I’m In Puerto Rico, it’s really upfront, and people like that and appreciate it. I’ve realized that here, in L.A, a lot of people don’t appreciate that. If you’re a little bit too honest, people are like, “Oh what’s your problem?”