Dexter’s 5 Best Latino Actors Ever

Being Dexter Morgan’s (Michael C. Hall) friend and enemy are pretty similar—you might enjoy an awkward moment with Dex or he’ll kill you. More often than not it’s the latter. With Dexter’s seventh season in full swing, we take a look back at the best Latino actors ever to portray Dex’s co-workers, buddies and enemies. 

1. Dexter: David Zayas

Angel Batista (David Zayas)

Det. Batista is Dexter’s eternal nice guy. Zayas’, physically the size of an MMA fighter, Batista has gone through a love affair with his boss (Lauren Velez), a divorce with his boss and even got passed over for the lieutenant job by his mentee, Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter). You guessed it—this nice guy always finishes last.

2. Dexter: Lauren Velez

Maria LaGuerta (Lauren Velez)

As Lt. LaGuerta, the boricua actress became the baddest top cop on TV within the last decade. She started out with a crush on Dex and then married Batista. But more importantly she didn’t take bull from anyone below (or above) her status. 

3. Dexter: Jimmy Smits

Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits)

One of Dexter’s first bloody bromances came via his connection with D.A. Prado. After Prado discovers Dex’s penchant for killing killers, Prado wants in on the fun. A stabbing here and a stabbing there. But killing is a solo game. The Puerto Rican and Surinamese actor turns out to be another stiff underneath plastic wrap. 

4. Dexter: Edward James Olmos

Prof. James Gellar (Edward James Olmos)

The veteran Mexican American actor portrayed perhaps his vilest character in Gellar. Religious cult leader, messages in blood, disembowelment…you get the idea.

5. Dexter: Christian Camargo

Christian Camargo (Rudy Cooper)

As the Ice Truck Killer, season 1’s villain, the Mexican American actor played it perfectly by seducing Dexter’s sister, Debra. Add the fact that Rudy Cooper was really Brian Moser, Dex’s older brother, and you have the perfect antagonist to Dex’s vigilante persona.