Sheila E. Wins "Gone Country!"

Believe it or not, Sheila E. is only the second famous Latino to win the reality country star contest. Julio Iglesias, Jr. (yes, the son of Julio Sr. and brother of Enrique) won the first season of Gone Country in 2008.

The show features celebrities competing to write, perform and produce an original country song.  Sheila E’s gospel-inspired “Glorious Train,” written with Nashville songwriters Angie Aparo and James Slater, beat out the legendary George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic, 1980’s songstress Taylor Dane and American Idol runner-up, Justin Guarini (where have you been?!). 

The California native says she’s looking forward to creating a country album and spending more time in the south. “People talk to each other there!” Sheila E. also revealed that she’s already pulling together writers to help with the album and shared some country favorites that she’d love to work with, like Dolly Parton and Faith Hill

And what did her former mentor, Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson have to say about all of this?  At first, he asked why in the world would she do a reality show competition for country music, and when she replied that she wanted to work with the famed songwriters of Nashville, he responded, “Well, mama knows best.” 

And with a win and a potential hit on her hands, Sheila E. proved she most certainly does.

WATCH: "Glorious Train," by Gone Country Season 3 Winner Sheila E.