EXCLUSIVE: Sharlene Taule Reveals What It's Like Being Dominican in Hollywood and Her Role on Fox's 'Star'

Exclusive: Sharlene Taule Reveals What It's Like Being Dominican in Hollywood and Her Role As Eva on Fox's Star

Dominican singer-actress Sharlene Taule is the fierce Latina on Fox's drama series Star.

The 27-year-old plays the role of Eva, an alluring and talented young Dominican girl with a rough past trying to make it in the music business. While Taule may be new to many, this isn't her first time in the industry. Her road to stardom started early on in Santo Domingo. From working with Don Omar to various acting roles in the U.S., she caught the eye of film and television producer Lee Daniels, who spotted her talent from a mile away.

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We caught up with the artist about her growing success and new show. Here's what she had to say: 

So tell me about your role Eva in Fox’s Star

Eva is an attractive character because not a lot of her personal life is seen on the show. And the way she’s introduced in the show in the sex trafficking van sheds a light on her life and where she comes from. She's very mysterious and devious, and Lee Daniels gives the audience information of her intentions little by little. So even I don’t know much about Eva, to be honest. I get surprised with what they write about her, but as to where we are starting right now, there’s a lot of her ambition taking over her actions and her desire to shine. She's very similar to Jude Demorest Star’s role in that sense. I just feel like she’s willing to go further than her, which says a lot because we know how determined Star is. She even takes it steps ahead like right now you can see Star caring for other people, but in Eva's case, she doesn’t care about anyone else but herself.

What was it like coming into Eva’s role, knowing her intentions?

One thing about working with Lee Daniels is that you never have the complete information of what you have to do. So I’ve been as surprised as the audience reading the scripts and getting into her character. And that’s not the easiest thing to do because sometimes I am not that ready to be that evil. And being that she can be mischievous and mean, it’s far from who I am as a person, but that’s the fun of acting. It's been interesting to play her because she's in and out. First, we’ve got her accent coming in and out, then the dancing, and then we have the singing. It’s as she gives you a little taste and then she takes it away. It’s like she has two sides: first the innocence then deviousness. It’s a character that goes back and forth a lot, but she’s giving you a complete arch, which is something you don’t see much in Latin characters. It’s a character that’s juicy to develop, and she’s not just one thing. The crazy side is she wasn’t even written to be a Latina, so that’s the reason we get both sides of her. I bring the spiciness to her role. 

Wow, so you came in and owned it as a Latina. You said at times you don’t like to be that mean or mischievous. Is there any connection you make with Eva?  Has there been a moment where you were like, “Oh, I can connect with her in this scene.” 

Yes, that’s something I do with all my characters. I try to see what I have in common with them before, and sometimes I can relate to Eva. Because even though she’s going about it the wrong way, her determination to success is something I can relate to. Since I am a hard-working, determined woman, you know, I don’t care about schedules or working holidays. I'm willing to sacrifice certain things to achieve what I want. I’m not going to go as far as her, but I totally can relate to her putting in the work. She’s trying to give it her all. And when she’s on stage, you can see her come alive, and that’s kind of how I feel when I sing. Because when I’m on stage, you get to see the real me, shining on stage. 

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