Shakira Completes Her Team on 'The Voice' and Causes Ratings to Rise

Blind auditions are officially over on The Voice and it looks like Team Shakira may have it in the bag. The Colombian pop star picked her final 12th member on last night’s episode, but not without battling with Usher over Luke Edgemon first.

The contestant from North Carolina sang a soulful rendition of “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” which had us at home thinking the R&B crooner would snatch it, but Shaki delivered a headstrong pitch that Edgemon just couldn’t say no to. “I’m ecstatic that Shakira is my coach,” he said. “I sing a little bit more R&B music than she does, so I’m really excited to be involved with someone who’s a different genre.”

So the question now is – is Team Shaki strong enough to win the competition? The “Hips Don’t Lie” pop star has a diverse group of artists that cover pop, rock, R&B, country, and Latin music. We are most excited to watch as Latina singers like Cathia, Mary Miranda, and Monique Abbadie blast the competition away, but it's her mixture of genres that prove that Shakira has the power of an international pop star dominating her picks in a panel of all men.

It looks like the rest of America has also joined Usher and Shakira’s team. Since the season premiere, The Voice has had a 4.9% ratings increase – with 13.7 million viewers, according to Entertainment Weekly. The hike matches the numbers during the show’s fall finale last year. Something must be working and we think Shaki is part of it!

Watch Edgemon’s audition below and let us know what you think!