Shakira Picks the Wrong Singer on 'The Voice'

The Voice’s battle rounds continued to boost morale and kill egos last night on NBC. Team Shakira pitted Monique Abbadie against Luke Edgemon with Lady Gaga’s “You And I” as the weapon of choice. Before the singers hit the stage, Abbadie said, “I want to be a Latin pop star like Shakira.”

Once the two started belting out notes, it was clear who was the better singer—Edgemon. Abbadie, the former Sabado Gigante child star, was too dramatic on her high notes and didn’t add enough oomph on her low ones. On the other hand, Edgemon’s performance was pitch perfect and lively.

“There’s a delicate balance when you’re singing live to not get carried away and you’re learning to use the perfect amount of Tabasco not to spoil the recipe,” Shakira said of Abbadie’s performance. “And I think that’s what us girls have to do [with singing] and with men too.”

After giving Abbadie constructive criticism, Shak’s pick was clear, right? No. Shakira went with her heart and picked the Latina singer. If Shakira wants to win The Voice this season, she better start concentrating solely on talent. Of course, Blake Shelton stole Edgemon for his team—obviously playing the game like a pro.

Watch the performance video below and let us know if you think Shakira made the right choice.