Shakira Picks Former 'Sabado Gigante' Child Star on 'The Voice'

Last night The Voice featured one of the most Latino moments on network TV ever. Let us explain. Cuban American singer, Monique Abbadie, a former child performer on Sabado Gigante (yes, that Sabado Gigante) sang Shakira’s “Loca.” Abbadie’s rendition of Shak’s song was, on some notes, better than the original. The result: all four judges hit their buttons. The young singer squealed out an “Ay Dios mio!” Shakira’s fellow judges knew which team Abbadie, who as a pre-teen had taken a picture with Shakira after one of her concerts, was going to pick.

“I feel so proud of you as a Latina because the fact that these three americanos were moved by your performance…and for that I congratulate you,” Shakira said. Abbadie went with Team Shakira and hugged the Colombian superstar, repeatedly saying, “You’re my idol.”

What did you think of Monique Abbadie’s performance of Shakira’s “Loca”? Watch and share in the comments below!