Shakira’s 10 Funniest Moments on 'The Voice' in GIFs

Shakira and The Voice are like an arepa con queso—the perfect combination. As a Voice judge, the Colombian super rockera is charismatic, engaging, insightful and more adorable than puppies on marshmallow clouds (coño, we’re getting hungry now). But we digress. Shakira has also provided viewers with some of the funniest facial expressions on The Voice ever. Here we provide proof in GIFs. Enjoy and share before tonight's first live show!

1. Shakira GIF: When your jam comes on in the club

2. Shakira GIF: My swag is bigger than yours

3. Shakira GIF: When HR announces summer friday

4. Shakira GIF: When a non-latino talk to you in spanish

5. Shakira GIF: I'll take Latina Singers for 500

6. Shakira GIF: When showing someone how to change a lightbulb

7. Shakira GIF: When your roommate took the last corona

8. Shakira GIF: When you see an Amanda Bynes tweet

9. Shakira GIF: When you forgot to turn off the stove

10. Shakira GIF: When you're told you drunk posted your ex on facebook