Selena Gomez on Leaving 'Wizards of Waverly Place': "It's Terrifying!"

Selena Gomez may be on the verge of taking over the world—she dominates the big screen, small screen and album charts, and was just named the host of this year’s MuchMusic Awards—but a piece of her heart will always stay on Waverly Place. The multi-hyphenate mogul will be taking a break from TV when her long running series The Wizards of Waverly Place ends it’s run after the upcoming fourth season. We caught up with an emotional Selena just before she taped her last-ever episode in front of an audience of her fans, and got her to share her feelings about moving on from the show that made her a household name:
You once told us that The Wizards of Waverly Place set is where you felt safest, away from the pressures of Hollywood. How does it feel to be leaving it?
That’s the scariest part. The thing I will miss the most is going to be the stability. These people know me better than anybody. I’ve been through relationships, friendships, ups and downs while I’ve been here and it’s always stayed here. My cast and crew here love me and they protect me. I’m going to keep my relationship with these people. These are friends I’ve made for life.
Do you feel any relief being able to take at least one thing off of your plate?
What’s interesting about having the show end is that I’m going to be able to organize things better. I love doing everything, but I’ve been doing everything at once, so sometimes I’ve felt like I haven’t been giving everything my all. So now I’ll spend a little time on my music, I’ll spend time on a film, I’ll spend time on my charity work, which allows me to share my success with other people. I think it’s all gonna play out.
Going from a child star into a successful career as an adult is not easy. Do you have a role model, are you trying to follow in anyone’s footsteps?
The transition is probably the most terrifying thing in my career. It’s very scary to say, “this might not work.” It’s terrifying but it’s also igniting me to work very hard. The person who I admire for doing it right is Shia LaBeouf. He started on television at Disney, made a film for them, and then transitioned into a great movie career…I really admire that.
If you could keep one of your character Alex Russo’s powers in your life, which one would you choose?
I would want to be able to rewind time. It would be nice to…fix some things.