Sara Ramirez on 'Grey’s Anatomy': “It Could End…Any Minute” (EXCLUSIVE)

When we recently spoke to Sara Ramirez, the Mexican-American star of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy—and our Dec/Jan cover girl!—opened up to Latina about how much fun she’s having working on Grey’s this season. “I love talking about how different this year feels, because it does…it feels different,” said a giddy Ramirez, whose character Callie Torres has gone from awkward resident to confident doctor, wife and all-around badass. “I feel really proud of the show," she added. "And proud to work with everybody that I work with." 

Another thing Ramirez is proud of are the show's ratings this season. The season 9 premiere of Grey's Anatomy, which aired in September, was up 13 percent (for a total of 11.7 million viewers) compared to season 8’s, and Ramirez couldn't be more excited about that. “I’m just thrilled with the fact that our season premiere did so well, that our numbers were higher than last year,” she said. “It’s really something else that we’re still around. We’re so lucky."

Still, with cast members constantly departing (Kim Raver, Chyler Leigh, and Eric Dane all left the show recently), and the fact that the  series in in its ninth season—rare territory for TV dramas—Ramirez admits her days on Grey's may be numbered.  Asked how many more seasons of Grey's she plans on doing, Ramirez said: “I don’t know. I think about it all of the time," adding, “security and stability is very rare for an artist. And, when you’re so aware of that and you’re getting older everyday—you think about it," she explained. 

"You think about, ‘well, I have stability. I have security, I have all of the things that I’ve ever wanted, and, here it is!” she said.

Right now, Ramirez is just enjoying every minute of being on the hit drama. “So I m just focusing on being grateful and taking it in right now, you know, because it could end...any minute," she said. "And I just want to know that I was present for it when it happened, but that when it was over, it was ready to be over, and everybody had enough time to have their closure with it."

Ramirez isn't sure when that will be exactly. “So, if it goes years, it’ll be years. If it goes a year it’ll be a year. {Laughs}. I’m not saying it’s easy, but you kind of, you have to let go of the outcome, you have to just focus on the present, which is not easy to do," said Ramirez.

In the meantime, Ramirez said she's focused on staying grounded and focused on doing good work (note: her stellar performance this season should earn her some Emmy buzz)! "That matters to me and I think it matters to everyone at the show," she said.

"It’s astounding that we get to be around as long as we have," she added. "And I hope that everyone at the show is able to receive that and really let it in and let it feel really good!"