Salma Hayek Developing New Comedy Series

Now that her Parisian vacation is over, Salma Hayek is back behind her desk at the Ventanarosa offices in Hollywood, where she is developing a new comedy series for Fox. The show, called The New McToms, centers on a conservative matriarch who must face the reality of her three children marrying ethnically diverse spouses.

Not much more information is available about the show, but we can figure a couple of things out for ourselves: since the series is being developed for Fox, which is known for its edgier half-hour comedies such as The Simpsons and Married...With Children, The New McToms will probably be a bit racier than your average sitcom. And, since it's Salma's brain child, we can bet that at least one of the "ethnically diverse" spouses will be Latino.

Now, let the guessing games begin on who Salma will hand-pick to star in her show! Hasn't Selena Gomez been spending some time in the Ventanarosa offices lately?