Rosario Dawson on "SNL": Funny or Flat?

Anyone catch Rosario Dawson hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend? We have to admit, the laughs were few and far between--but it wasn't the star's fault! The skits were particularly uninspired this time (the opener, which featured Rosario as the host of a hip-hop learning show for kids, felt more post-Weekend Update filler). Maybe the loss of Amy Poehler is finally starting to sink in.

Despite our disappointment, it was nice to see Rosario representing for us on the show. The actress talked extensively about her work with Voto Latino during the opening monologue (probably not the best material for comedy, but still!) and even spoke Spanish in a few skits. Here's one of the funnier ones below, "La Policía Mexicana," in which she and Fred Armisen play a good cop/bad cop duo and read lines written by "Ms. Larkin's 4th Grade Spanish Class." You'll have to watch it to understand.

Tell us: did you think Rosario was funny on SNL, or should she leave late-night comedy to the pros?