'¡Rob!' With Eugenio Derbez & Rob Schneider Is Finally Here!

Eugenio Derbez was right – his new CBS comedy ¡Rob! is like Meet the Mexicans! In an interview with Latina.com earlier this fall, the Mexican actor likened the upcoming show (which premieres on Thursday, Jan. 12.) to the hit movie Meet the Parents. ¡Rob! centers on an architect named Rob (played by Schneider) who marries into a tight-knit Mexican family. 

WATCH: Rob Schneider Can’t Handle His New Mexican Family

Thanks to a longer preview of ¡Rob! released this week, we’re now much more acquainted to the show’s premise. Our thoughts? It looks pretty hilarious, ripe with both uncomfortable and comical political incorrectness on the part of Schneider’s character, Rob. He also has OCD, which doesn’t fit well with the warm embraces and often-touchy body language of his new Mexican family.

EXCLUSIVE: Eugenio Derbez on His New CBS Show ¡Rob!: “It’s Like Meet the Mexicans”

The show, which stars several Latino actors such as Cheech Marin, Diana Maria Riva, and Lupe Ontiveros, has already attracted attention – and not all of it good. According to Fox News Latino, several people have complained about finding the “upside down exclamation point” on their keyboards to type in the show’s name. The website is also reporting that CBS changed the show’s name to Rob, but will continue to use the exclamation points in promos.

Either way, check out the preview below and tell us what you think: