Revolution's Daniella Alonso on Her Character & the Season

Revolution, the new show from the producer who brought you Lost, is making some serious waves and actress Daniella Alonso has caught our eye as the character of Nora, a rebel in the post-apocolyptic world. Read on to find out about Daniella, her character and what fans can expect this season!

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

"I am Puerto Rican and Peruvian Indian (Inca) as well as Japanese. I grew up in a pretty much all woman household in NYC. Although my dad, grandfather, and uncles had a pretty strong influence in my life as well."

How did you get started in acting? What drew you to it?

"I actually got my start modeling. I signed with Ford in NY when I was 15 and after print jobs came commercials then indies and guest stars and then my first big break when I got my first series regular on One Tree Hill."

What was the moment when you said 'this is what I want to do'?

"I've always loved movies and ever since I was little I've always wanted to make people feel how movies made me feel --happy, sad, adventurous...There was never a specific moment where I said this is what I want to do. I've just always known and luckily when I was old enough I was lucky enough to work."

How did you get involved with Revolution?

"I auditioned for the show first with April Webster then I met with Erik Kripke and then finally tested with Billy Burke. It all happened pretty quickly."

How would you describe the show and your character?

"The show is a post apocolyptic show that takes place 15 years after the world loses all power. The world falls into chaos and we meet our heroes 15 years after that has happened. It's an action adventure show but it also has a lot of heart. There is no good or bad there are just people trying to survive. Nora when we meet her 15 years after the blackout is a rebel. She fights alongside the rebels against the Militia. She has a history with Miles and decides to help him and Charlie on their mission. She has a lot of skills sword fighting, bomb building, and many more."

How has being Latina played into your goals and your passion for acting?

"Being Latina playing into my goals or passion for acting - I will say that being raised in a large Puerto Rican family of mostly all women who are extremely passionate has taught me how to be not only passionate but driven and goal oriented. In my family I wasn't necissarily pushed into anything but at the same time if I said I wanted to do it everyone always assumed I could. So I did as well I guess. But only with hard work, preparation and a little bit of luck!"

Do you do anything else creatively (music, art, etc.)?

"I also write. My sister and I are working on a period feature with a lot of heart and a 1/2 hour single camera comedy both of which are based on our Puerto Rican family."

What can fans expect this season in Revolution? From Nora?

"Fans can expect to be taken for an incredible ride this season! Every episode is exciting. We transport you to this future world. Yet you really grow to love these people and can see yourself in at least one. It's an action adventure but it's mainly about family. The look of the show is like no other and the special effects are unlike any on TV! A lot of really cool thing happen to and because of Nora. Anything I'd say would give away plot points but I can say I kick some serious ass and blow a lot of things up!"

Who would you say are you career icons?

"My career icons would be P.T. Anderson, Brando, Cate Blanchett, Bette Midler, and Baz Luhrmann to name a few...

What projects are in the works or what would you love to do next?

"I'm having such a great time on this amazing job that right now I can't imagine working on anything else."

Check out Revolution Mondays at 10/9 C on NBC. Are you a fan?