Recasting ‘Girls’ With Latinas!

There’s no doubt about it. People either love or hate Girls. The Lena Dunham-created HBO comedy revolving around the lives of four 20-something women orbiting each other in Brooklyn has received various criticisms of racism, elitism, and even hipsterism. Thing is, the cast of girls of Girls aren’t meant to represent all women in NYC, but here at Latina, we wanted to relate a little more to them. In anticipation of Girls’ second season, which premieres Sunday on HBO, we picked an all-Latina cast. 

1. Girls Recast: Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza as Hannah
The Parks and Recreation star’s deadpan-style of comedy would mesh well with Hannah’s awkward approach to life. We’re not sure how long Plaza could hang with Hannah’s body-conscious now ex-boyfriend Adam (Adam Driver), but we could totally see the quirky Puerto Rican actress fitting right into Hannah’s offbeat barista-slash-writer lifestyle. 

2. Girls Recast: Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel as Marnie Michaels

The Gilmore Girls alum, who recently wowed us as Pete Campbell’s (real life boo Vincent Kartheiser) mistress on Mad Men, would pair perfect as Hannah’s BFF Marnie. We’d love to see the Argentinean and Mexican star play the most put-together of the bunch on Girls.  

3. Girls Recast: Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera as Jessa

Glee’s standout star has the look and attitude to pull off the beautiful bohemian Jessa, Girls’ globetrotting free spirit, who marries a venture capitalist a week after meeting him. The question is, can the part-Puerto Rican actress pull of an English accent? 

4. Girls Recast: Sara Paxton

Sara Paxton as Shoshanna
Though the half-Mexican actress may have to dye her blond locks to play Jessa's younger, bubblier cousin, Shoshanna, Paxton as a suburban innocent with depth is super believable. The coming-of-age character (she’s deflowered on the show) would be a perfect balance for Paxton’s blend of Darcy's Wild Life and Summerland experience.