Ramon Rodriguez on 'Charlie's Angels': "I was born to be Bosley"

Ramon Rodriguez was born to play Bosley, his character in the new ABC show Charlie’s Angels—or so the Puerto Rican actor said during a recent press tour in California, alongside the show’s co-creator and fellow cast members.  Bosley is the middleman between Charlie and the Angels in the new rendition of the classic television show, which premieres September 22nd. 

‘Charlie’s Angels’ Casts a Latino as Bosley

“I was raised by three older sisters, and they thought they were the Angels,” the 31-year-old said with a laugh, “so I’ve been preparing for this my whole life.” 

Rodriguez, who starred in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and had a stint on HBO's The Wire, seemed happy to be surrounded by women again.  “It’s a great transition from three sisters to three other sisters, and we very much feel like a family, which is really cool and special.”

Watch the extended trailer for Charlie's Angels below: