‘Quiero Mi Boda’ Star Talks about Maintaining a Long-Distance Relationship, Her Religion, and More!

Tonight on MTV Tr3s’ reality series, Quiero Mi Boda, we meet Jackie and Erin, a couple from Connecticut.  Jackie, who is Dominican and Puerto-Rican, met Erin, who is African-American and part Puerto-Rican, in high school. Back then, Erin’s reputation as somewhat of a ladies’ man prevented both from getting close and they lost touch.  After finding each other on Facebook years later, Jackie and Erin began dating, and the 25-year-old Latina of Christian faith helped her boyfriend strengthen his own faith.

Though they care for one another, their long distance relationship proved difficult.  Jackie lived in New York and Erin lived in Connecticut, and their wedding plans were set in Long Island!  Erin, 26, eventually handed Jackie an ultimatum to force her to move in with him, which was not exactly in favor with her religion.

Jackie spoke to Latina.com recently about her episode, which airs tonight at 6 p.m. 

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Tell us about your episode of Quiero Mi Boda.

The episode was amazing – it was a wonderful experience.  There were some pretty funny moments there.  The funniest would be re-enacting the scene where Erin and I went to Men’s Warehouse because he had decided to change the colors on me last minute, so I had to run in there and put him in his place.  Like, ‘What is wrong with you?  Why are you picking these colors when we had everything else picked out?!’  The original colors were red and orange and he decided to change them to gold.  The funniest part was that we managed to change them to gold because that really what he wanted.

You met your husband in high school and we understand he was a ladies man.  Did you ever think you would both end up married?

I didn’t!  We went on a date when we were in high school but I was really shy back then so I guess I wasn’t his typical girl.  He ended up transferring schools and we never heard from each other again, but I really did think about him throughout the years and to this day he doesn’t believe I did.  I wondered, ‘Whatever happened to that guy?’  But I never knew his last name so I never found him on Facebook and seven years later, we reconnected on Facebook.  I finally found him.

How did your religion affect your relationship with your husband? 

I would say it affected it in a good way because it brought him closer to God and knowing the values of having Him in your life and how things can be much more peaceful and better.

You and your husband Erin lived in different states.  How did that affect your relationship? 

I would say it wasn’t as great because we would only see each other on the weekends because we both had jobs.  So on the weekends, either he would drive up there to see me or I would drive here to see him, and sometimes our schedules would clash. 

Erin gave you an ultimatum to force you to move in with him to stop the long trips.  How did that make you feel?

It made me feel like he was pressuring me because when we started talking about moving in together and actually talking about marriage and being engaged, I always told him from the beginning ‘I wouldn’t move in with you unless we are married because I need to leave my house being married.  That’s how I grew up.  Those were my values at home so I don’t want to disappoint my family, disappoint my religion just leaving with you without being married.’  I guess because he wasn’t a Christian yet, he didn’t really know the value or where I was coming from, so to him it was like, ‘Well, we are getting married, so why don’t you just move to Connecticut?’  It was a little battle we kept going through. 

What advice would you give to other Latinas in long-distance relationships?

I would say that if you really want to make it work, it would work…because everything has this thing in your head that says long-distance relationships don’t work.  But if you really put your heart in the relationship and know that it’s really going to go somewhere, it will happen.  You just need to let time tell.