EXCLUSIVE: 'Profugos' Star Francisco Reyes on His Role as Oscar Salamanca

Profugos has garnered countless of devoted fans that keep coming back for the suspenseful storyline and gripping action scenes.

Based on a drug trafficking mission gone wrong, the story encompasses the gritty reality of survival, corruption, and ambition. In honor of the season one finale, Latina.com got a chance to chat exclusively with one of the show's lead actors, Francisco Reyes, who plays the revolutionary, gangster, and family man, Oscar Salamanca.

Check out what he had to say about the hit series below!

How did you prepare for this action-packed role?

"All of us [four lead protagonists] received intense training for three months from everything including boxing to shooting practice. Oscar Salamanca is a former revolutionary who forms part of a drug trafficking ring. I researched his life and had the opportunity to learn intimate details about the character, which was an amazing and unforgetable experience."

What was it like filming in the streets of Chile?

"We had the full support of the Chilean government. The police was also open to collaborating with us, which is pretty unheard of since they have been so rigid after the dictatorship. They supported us completely so that was a very powerful thing."

What do you say to critics who believe that Latin American-focused shows about drugs and violence are stereotypical?

"I think that theme is an element of the show, but not the main focus of it. The series is more about these four characters who are forced to work and support each other. It’s interesting to see how these characters grow and develop with one another."

Why do you think people are so drawn to this series?

"It has a human and animalistic rawness to it. I personally love the relationship between the characters. It's an amazing show to be a part of."

Watch Profugos, which airs up until October 30th on HBO Latino and will be available on  HBO Go. Are you a fan of the show?