POLL: Who's Your Favorite Spanish Teacher on 'Glee?'

Glee's got a thing for Spanish teachers! Back in May of 2009, when the show first premiered on FOX, we were psyched about a new show about a high-school Spanish teacher (Matthew Morrison) who becomes the director of the school's Glee club, hoping to restore it to its former glory. Then last year, we were just as excited when Gwyneth Paltrow joined the hit show as Holly Holliday, a Cee-Lo Green loving, substitute Spanish teacher who was perfectly fluent en español!

Tonight, Glee welcomed yet another Spanish teacher to the show, and this time the actor playing the role (Puerto Rican superstar, Ricky Martin!) is actually Latino! (que bueno, no?). Ricky guest starred as David Martinez, a sexy former teeth model turned night-school Spanish teacher. We LOVED Ricky on tonight's episode, but we'd love to hear from you: 

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Who’s your favorite Spanish teacher on Glee