POLL: Who Should Replace Charlie Sheen on 'Two & a Half Men?'

It's a question people have been asking for months now: Who should CBS hire to replace Charlie Sheen on their hit sitcom, Two & A Half Men? First, John Stamos (Full House) was rumored for the gig. Then, rumors surfaced that Christian Slater was joining the long-running comedy — and last week, several sites erroneously reported that Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez was replacing Sheen on Men. None of those rumors turned out to be true, but there was one actor who CBS did want for the job—Hugh Grant.

According to Variety, the British actor was the network's choice to replace Sheen on the show, and the actor negotiated extensively with Warner Bros and the show's executive producer Chuck Lorre. But  the deal didn't happen and Grant eventually returned to the U.K.

That means CBS still needs someone to step in for Sheen, and we think it should be a Latino! Tell us: