POLL: Tell Us Where the Second Season of ‘RPM Miami’ Should Take Place!

We have an exclusive scoop for you regarding the second season of the hit mun2 series RPM Miami, courtesy of the show’s lead cast! Alejandro (Salvadoran actor Adrian Bellani), Luisa (Mexican actress Fernanda Romero) and Ramon (Mexican American recording artist Frankie J) all dropped by the Latina offices yesterday and revealed that the show, about young Latinos with a need for speed, music, cars, adrenaline, and complicated love, won’t necessarily be shot in Miami for its season 2 return. For now, it’s being tentatively called RPM 2, and that may change once the decision is made as to where it’s going to be shot.

“They said that we would start production in November or December of this year [for season 2],” reveals Frankie J. “And they would air it in 2012 during the summer time. This [first] season ends in July, I think. It’s 13 episodes and we’re onto the fourth episode [this Sunday, May 22] which actually a very good friend of mine, Lenny from Aventura, is starring in.”

Adds Fernanda: “That would be great if our viewers want to help us pick the city for season 2!”

The bilingual, dramatic series scored the network its highest-rated premiere on May 1, 2011, and ranked among the top programs across all Hispanic and English cable networks, making it the 7th most watched show, regardless of language, among people 18-34 in the 10pm slot on Sunday nights.