POLL: J.Lo’s Fiat Commercial Controversy

Controversy is brewing over Jennifer Lopez’s nostalgic Fiat commercial My World, in which the 42-year-old Boricua superstar drives through New York City musing about how the city made her the woman she is today.

WATCH: J.Lo Drives Through NYC in New Fiat Commercial

According to The Smoking Gun and multiple reports, Lopez did not actually drive through her old Bronx borough for the commercial, which is essentially all about how her upbringing defined her. The website reports that a body double was used for the scenes in NYC while Lopez stayed in Los Angeles, where she was filmed inside the vehicle. Then, shots from both locations were merged.

Jennifer Lopez Wants You to Drive a Fiat With Your ‘Papi’

We know Lopez is a busy girl, so perhaps she just couldn’t fit the time to fly to Bronx and shoot the commercial herself? We don’t know the exact reason, but plenty of people angry and have been vocal about their displeasure on YouTube. One user commented, “Sorry but if the Bronx really inspired her, she would fly out to make the commercial there.”

Check out the Fiat commercial below and tell us your thoughts in our poll!