POLL: Do You Watch Television in Spanish?

It’s a trend that’s becoming increasingly hard to ignore: Spanish-language TV is kicking butt and taking names and not just with Latino audiences  but also with non-Latinos who don't speak Spanish, who are watching shows like Univision's Nuestra Belleza Latina  and Teleumdo's La Reina del Sur  using subtitles. 

Given the interest in Spanish-language shows, it's not surprising that the Über-popular telenovela La Reina Del Sur topped CBS, NBC and ABC in the key 18-34 demo several weeks in a row in the spring. And now — just two weeks after Univision announced its plans to launch three new networks titled Univision TL Novelas, Univision Deportes, and Univision 24/7 — Starz has announced that come August 1st, it too will launch a Spanish-language premium movie channel called Encore Espanol. The popularity of Spanish language shows got us wondering: