POLL: Do You Think Karen Rodriguez is Going Home Tonight On 'American Idol?'

We fell in love with Karen Rodriguez the moment we saw her very first audition last month on American Idol and we've been rooting for the proud Latina ever since. But even we have to admit that her rendition of Selena Quintanilla's "I Could Fall in Love With You" on last night's episode wasn't her best.

And unfortunately for Karen, the judges weren't digging it either. Jennifer Lopez, who's a fan of Karen's, said, "I could tell you were a little bit uncomfortable with some of the notes," while Randy Jackson said, "It felt like you were fighting the song. It was a little sleepy for me. I want excitement from you.”

The only good news for Karen, who looks like she may be in danger of elimination tonight, is that all three judges said she’s better than one single performance. Jennifer Lopez is definitely pulling for her, telling Rodriguez, "You are one of our strongest girls, so I hope you make it to the next week.” Steven Tyler agreed: "I know you can sing so much better, so I'll see you next week."