POLL: Could Scotty McCreery Become the First Latino to Win 'American Idol?'

In light of the overwhelming number of Latino contestants who made it to Hollywood on American Idol this season, we posed the following question to our readers several months ago: Is this the year a Latino takes Idol

Well, last night 17-year-old part-Puerto Rican contestant Scotty McCreery competed in the finals against 16-year-old contestant Lauren Alaina and did a fantastic job! The two finalists were asked to sing three songs: one song of their own choosing, one song chosen for them by their personal Idols, and the final song was a performance of an original song written for them that will become their first single if they win the competition.

Scotty, a country crooner, chose to sing Montgomery Gentry's "Gone" for his personal pick, George Strait's "Check Yes Or No" was chosen for him, and for his debut single, Scotty was given a cheesy song called, "I Love You This Big."

While judges Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson said Lauren Alaina won the night (Jennifer Lopez refused to pick a favorite), we have to disagree. Scotty demonstrated a remarkable amount of confidence on stage last night and his performance of "Gone" was easily the most exciting and fun performance of the night. Plus, we just really like Scotty because he's so relaxed and easy going. 

Latinos have come really close to winning American Idol in previous seasons (David Archuleta was the season 7 runner-up in a hard fought contest with David Cook), but a Latino has never actually won the whole thing. Which begs the question: